Here’s what Ann’s clients say about her training and consultation services…

Compassionate communication is phenomenal!

I saw it turn a situation where two staff people were stonewalled by past negative, destructive and fruitless methods of communicating, into one where there now is listening…with compassion and true understanding. — Lucy Carlson, Parent Education, Fond du Lac Head Start Program, Cloquet, Minnesota

Ann is my guide when it comes to being more effective in the workplace and compassionate in my day-to-day.

Has life ever knocked you to your knees professionally? It’s difficult to know who to go when you think it’s impossible to get back up again. I spoke with a friend who went through a similar conflict and he suggested an executive coach. I received a strong recommendation, not from an individual, but from an organization to call Ann Harrington.

Within moments of meeting Ann, she had gently identified that I was “correcting before connecting” as a director. What? Isn’t that what I am supposed to do? Meeting after meeting, Ann began to compassionately redirect my communication to connect with others first. To identify their unmet needs as they speak and to show that same compassion to myself. It turns out connecting with others is not only compassionate it is also productive in the workplace.

I am not where I need to be, but I am grateful I am no longer where I used to be. With Ann’s guidance, I am the best possible version of myself. — Machelle Lind, Success Strategist, lindlysuccess.com

I have seen antagonistic situations between people melt, even when only one person was familiar with NVC.

This occurs because the basis of the process is to improve the quality of relationships which leads to respect and eventually mutual solutions. In our NVC Practice Group we have learned to appreciate and trust the slogan “connect rather than correct” in our dealings with all individuals. — Tom N., Retired industrial site foreman

NVC has had a profound effect on my life since I started learning with Ann about 4 years ago.

Although I am many decades along in life, I’m finding it extremely exciting and challenging to be learning new ways of perceiving every relationship I encounter every day. The bi-monthly practice groups with Ann are essential for my keeping the goals of NVC an absolute priority in relationship. Every time I realize, after the fact, that an encounter was not accomplished in an NVC way, I am, minimally conscious of it, and then paying even closer attention to being in the present so that I am not reacting to relationships in my old patterned ways. Learning NVC has led to considerable more ease and comfort in my life. After decades of political work that involved nonviolent action, I am now learning to feel more nonviolent, emotionally. I’m pleasantly amazed by the results of this practice!  — Jan K.

These classes equipped me to more effectively listen to my students and parents, to mediate tense situations, and to speak with greater clarity and compassion.

I am a teacher. I attended a series of Compassionate Communication workshops given by Ann Harrington. This has created a more peaceful and supportive learning environment. I believe that all educators would benefit from Compassionate Communication training. — Kristie F.

Nonviolent Compassionate Communication (NVC) has changed my life!

The dynamics of my relationships have changed from power-over to equality. With NVC, each person’s feelings and needs are recognized and matter. It has provided a platform for me and those I care deeply for to experience real empathy for one another. Suddenly, I’m able to be authentic and honest, and without feeling guilty for doing so. Not only has NVC helped with my adult relationships, it’s helped with my relationships with my children, and even myself! Nonviolent Compassionate Communication works with my four-year-old! It has helped me to teach her about feelings and needs. The last time she was about to have a tantrum, it was averted by her saying, “I’m feeling angry. I need quiet.”

Nonviolent Compassionate Communication can be simple enough to use, it can be taught to children to help them develop skills in empathy; yet, it can also be used in complex problems where relationships are at stake. In addition, NVC has helped me become more self-aware. In quiet moments with myself, without anyone knowing, I can ask myself, “What am I feeling and needing in this moment?”

Ann teaches NVC with skill and grace, and is a living example of this model. Ann challenges you to be authentic so you can live a life true to yourself and others. Ann understands and values the importance of connection, empathy, and meaningful relationships. In a world where meaningful relationships can be so difficult to navigate, NVC is a bridge connecting us to those we care about most. — J. L. Storm

[Compassionate Communication] is such a wonderful tool in breaking the cycle of violence

…that I’m feeling hopeful once again. — Lois Gunderson, Initiative for Violence-Free Families, Family & Children’s Service, Hennepin County, Minnesota

I regularly attend an NVC group led by Ann Harrington and as a result, my ability to use compassionate communication continually grows.

The tools that Ann has put together, help with the understanding of each aspect of NVC. It’s these tools, Ann’s insights and practice that have given me the ability to use NVC more effectively throughout my life. I highly recommend Ann as an effective teacher of a very practical and powerful program. – Rick Youmans, Founder of The CAWL – Change A World with Love, peace organization

You have a powerful message to share and a gentle, comfortable style in which you deliver it.

Thank you for your wonderful presentation. — Lynn Haglin, Vice President/KIDS PLUS Director, Northland Foundation, Duluth, Minnesota

When it came time to expand, one of the first things I did was hire Ann to train my four new counselors in NVC.

My college admissions consulting business is called Vox Veritas, which means the voice of truth in Latin. There are many hard truths to communicate in the college process, but also wonderful, empowering ones that can transform it into a time of joyful self-discovery. Ann Harrington’s training in NVC has allowed me to navigate the communication of those truths to people who feel vulnerable and fearful, and transform their fear into joy and peace. Without Ann’s NVC training over many years, I never could have created a highly successful, transformative business built on this positive distinction. It’s the very foundation of our practice.

Ann provided regular group trainings both remotely and in person. She empowered my four new counselors to help families in an extraordinary way, equipping them to navigate potentially stormy waters with truth and kindness. They’re now successfully communicating hard truths, peace, and joy to their own clients, and none of us could have done it without Ann. — Julie Kaewert, Ed.M., Founder and President, Vox Veritas College Consulting LLC  www.voxveritascc.com

Ann Harrington’s Non-violent Compassionate Communication training has given me some great tools to “be nice” while genuinely seeking to understand each other better, feeling more connected.

I believe everyone manages his or her life the best they can. But like everyone else, I’m often frustrated, or too busy, or feeling unsupported. We all make mistakes, but it’s often hard to forgive, and too easy to blame. If only people would be nicer to each other! But how?

Ann Harrington’s NVC training has given me some great tools to “be nice” while genuinely seeking to understand each other better, feeling more connected. I can be myself and enjoy life more. — Sue Dailey

It has resulted in improved relationships in all aspects of my life.

I grew up as a caregiver to my mother and siblings. I was codependent and had no idea of who I was apart from other people. My emotions were a reflection of the emotions of the people in my life. Then I attended a training seminar on Compassionate communication given by Ann Harrington. I learned to label and take ownership of my feelings and my needs. This allowed me to give myself compassion. In being authentic with my feelings and needs I was then able to listen more clearly and insightfully to others. I continue to practice the skills learned in Compassionate communication and highly recommend these classes to everyone. — Workshop participant

I have been using NVC in my work (as a teacher) and my personal life for over seven years.

I am still learning but I can see what a difference it makes in my life. Most importantly, I need to give myself empathy when things are not going well. It is only then that I can be creative about the situation. Thanks, Ann, for all the ideas, compassion and empathy you have given me. My life is changed in a good way every time I remember to use NVC and I hope that one day it will come automatically. — Judy Kreag, Adjunct, College of St. Scholastica; Parent Educator, Hermantown-Proctor Early Childhood Family Education; and Mother/Grandmother

I believe that Compassionate communication is a necessity for every family that desires to strengthen communication and relationship.

I attended a Compassionate Communication workshop presented by Ann Harrington some years ago now. My son was 15-16 years old and struggling with personal pain. My son acted out in disruptive ways. “Tragic expressions of his unmet needs.” This class gave me tools that enabled me to guess how my son was feeling and what he needed in those moments. This “reflective, empathetic, compassionate” listening diffused his outburst and opened the door for meaningful conversations. Without Compassionate communication I know that my relationship with my son would have been impaired and possibly irreversibly damaged. — Workshop participant

I have been learning the NVC process for nearly four years on a regular basis with Ann Harrington and the entire experience has been invaluable to me.

While I am not consistently on top of events to always use the process, I often have been able to employ it to good success in making  important connections with others instead of increasing distance between us. Most important, I believe, it has given me a delightful and delight-giving way to be in the world and an increasing awareness of the power of empathy. I am extremely grateful for NVC. — Warren Howe, Doctor of Arts; retired professor & volunteer instructor for University for Seniors at UMD

Ann serves as one of our valued “respectful workplace” trainers.

Ann Harrington has been providing quality training for the past 6 years to St. Louis County employees addressing foundational skill sets in dealing with conflict and customer service through compassionate communications. — Mary Bridget Lawson, Staff Development Specialist, Sr., St. Louis County Public Health and Human Services

Excellent trainer, easy to learn from.

Trainer was very knowledgeable and passionate about topic. Good information and handouts as well as demonstrative exercises. She is so wonderful. Very important message — good information for communication! — Anonymous, St. Louis County Health and Human Services Dept.

For me, learning NVC is more than a language. It has changed my thinking and opened my heart to a greater understanding of myself and others.

Several years ago, Ann Harrington introduced me to NVC. I intuitively knew that learning NVC was important for my emotional and relational development.  — Mary McGrath

Ann’s clients include…

  • St. Louis County, Minnesota
  • Washington County, Minnesota
  • Hennepin County, Minnesota
  • Northland Foundation Kids Plus Program
  • Fond du Lac Head Start Program
  • Domestic Abuse Intervention Project (DAIP)
  • Safe Haven Shelter for Battered Women
  • Safe Haven Resource Center
  • Lake Superior Regional Family Justice Center
  • ASTD (American Society for Training & Development)
  • The City of Duluth
  • University of Minnesota, Duluth (UMD)
  • Junior League of Duluth
  • Minnesota State Bar Convention CLE Sessions
  • Minnesota Women Lawyers Group
  • UMD Center For Economic Development Regional Conference
  • Northland Career Development Professionals Association (NCDPA)
  • Northeast Entrepreneur Fund
  • St Michael’s School
  • Loaves and Fishes
  • Pine Hill Lutheran Church
  • Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Duluth
  • Lakehead Unitarian Fellowship of Thunder Bay
  • Peace United Church of Christ
  • CHOICE, unlimited
  • University of Wisconsin-Superior (UWS)
  • And various churches and church board groups, family groups, neighborhood groups, book groups, general groups of friends, and those in separation and/or divorce proceedings.